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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 224 reviews
    3y.o. daughter LOVES it - giggles all the way to school (bike: CUBE Stereo full susp)

    we're very happy with our MacRide purchase. When it arrived we could feel the materials were good: thick soft feel of the seat & straps. Our 3y.o. loved it from the first seconds on it. I drop her to school every day and then continue another 15km to work with it, riding 40km/h and it's not a problem. Leg / knee clearance is quite good, I rarely touch the seat. (bike is a Cube stereo )

    The BEST Purchase EVER

    Before we had kiddo we would be out every weekend and as much as we could during the week days mountain biking. We wanted to figure out how both of us could still enjoy mountain biking, enjoy it together, BUT with our kiddo. After doing research we came across Mac Ride. This was the BEST purchase we have made. We weren't quite sure how our kiddo would do, but the first time getting on the seat he did not want to get off. We had to take him off it and he cried all the way home. The last ride we did (and his second ride), we went for a little over an hour and he held on the entire time and would have stayed on longer if it weren't for us. I would recommend this to anyone. They stick right to the seat, his feet stay in the stirrups and most of has a blast. When we started him on this he was 23 months old.

    En directe du Québec

    Vraiment excellent comme produit. Facile à installer, solide et sécuritaire, notre Mac Ride est testé tous les jours de la semaine depuis que ma fille à 2 ans. Elle embarque seule en escaladant le vélo avec fierté pour se rendre à la garderie. Garder le système d'ajustement des cales pieds bien graisser l'hiver.
    Really excellent product. Easy to install, solid and safe, our Mac Ride is tested every day of the week since my daughter was 2 years old. She climb alone the bike with pride to go to the daycare. Keep the feet adjustment system well greased in the winter.

    We LOVE Mac-Ride!

    We bought Mac-Ride for our 3 year old son and he loves riding around the neighbourhood on it! He is always excited to go bike riding and feels confident on the bike seat. I even had the other pre-school moms & kids try it out, all of whom will probably be purchasing a Mac-Ride for their families. Thanks for designing Mac-Ride we love it and tell everyone about it.


    I really like this seat! My 2 years old like it too! I feel very safe with my dauther between my arms. I really appreciate to be able to talk to my little girl when I ride with her!!