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    Happy 2 yr old, Happy Dad.

    I bought this child seat for my son and his 2 year old daughter. To be honest, I'd never heard of your company and was not aware of your bike seat for kids. My son put it on his wish list for his birthday. He told me he had seen it online and (most important) got a strong recommendation from a fellow cyclist. When I gave it to him, he was thrilled. Within minutes it was on the bike and he was telling me we had to go for a ride. He and his daughter definitely approve.

    Toddler is in love!

    Our 25 month-old Sloan went from uncertainty around riding in her trailer to us taking the long way home ans still meeting protest upon arrival... she LOVES the MacRide and loves to tell everyone walking by that “I’m biking so fast!” With a big smile. It’s comfy and safe, and both my wife and I love riding with it.

    We love it

    My 3.5-year-old daughter and I love it. She demands "faster faster!" We use it for trips around the neighborhood, and to go to preschool in the mornings. Soon to take it off road.

    Family fun!

    We are mountain bikers/cyclists and love that we can take our 3 yr old mountain biking, gravel riding or fatbiking in the snow and tow our 7 month old in the bike trailer. She will love the MacRide also in another year. Family fun!

    Amazing Product

    We saw this last summer walking in Cumberland BC and first thing i said to the dad is where did you buy this and how much, the dad told me best thing for young kids and take them anywhere which moment I got home i was online looking for it and now i have it and my youngest one loves it. only thing cons about it i found hard to paddle without rubbing my legs on my son legs... maybe its just me since its my first time using it but i recommend this to anyone!...

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