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    Simply the Best (And I've Tried 'Em All!)

    I think I own every child bike-seat known to man, and they all pale in comparison to the Mac Ride. Whether it's on my Yeti SB130 race rig or my Salsa Mukluk fat bike, my three year old son and I have the BEST time in the woods together! The ease of use, ride characteristics, and most importantly being able to carry on a full conversation with my son are just so awesome. The only issue I have is holding myself back while he's on the bike - I find myself starting off at 30%, but quickly ramping up to 70%. One time he saw a small roller and yelled, "Daddy, jump!" My lizard brain saw the same roller and thought, "Dude, SEND IT!," before that nagging voice (my wife's) echoed through my head, "Bring our child back in one piece, please." I stood down, but man, the Mac-Ride makes it so easy to think like that! I'm a forever fan.

    Better than Any Other

    Trailers, back seats, front seats--have tried them all and they all have their drawbacks. One word- balanced. That's how I describe this very cool tool. Trailers spit stones and you can't talk, the rear seats make your bike sway and you can't talk, front seats you can talk but it's always too much up front when you live where there are steep downhills. The Mac Ride hits the sweet spot. They can see, you can talk, no debris being chucked at them, and best of all you can use the same bike you downhill or cross country on and be super dad in seconds. Awesome and I just laugh now at how wide and unwieldy the trailers are-- not to mention unsafe for narrow roads as in Switzerland.

    Absolutely amazing!!

    Super clean design, easy to install and adjust. Milo absolutely loves it!! This has enabled mountain biking to be full family activity!

    The only way to ride with littles!

    Our son (2.5 yo) loves riding with us. We have it set up for multiple bikes and he begs for more if we stop for even a moment. We've taken in on trips around town, on single-track through the woods, and the indoor bike park. It's an absolute joy to be able to share our love of the outdoors and biking with our son!

    Amazing seat! So much fun!

    I absolutely love this seat! I have turned my friends onto it too. Wonderful interactive fun with my son- much more than with a rear mounted seat. We have been riding almost weekly for over a year on our local MTB trails together and hope to use it for a few more years even though he can pedal his own bike now. I only wish I had found it sooner. Even though he is a fairly tall 4 1/2 year old, I still think we will get a few more seasons out of it. Although the age range is listed as 3-5, it is definitely possible to use the seat longer as long as your child is within the weight limit and you are both comfortable on the bike.

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