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    I'm Glen Dobson.  I'm a father, an engineer, an outdoor enthusiast, and the Co-Founder of Ride More Innovations, and the creator of Mac Ride.   


    I designed Mac Ride to solve the challenges that come with the toddler years -- when children are ready for adventure but not able to go very far themselves.  

    My Co-Founder and partner, Ashley, and I have a daughter, Savannah, and a son, Mackinley.

    Sure, there are days when we need to do the classic parent switch-off and hand over ("your turn...").  But mostly, we have spent Savvy and Mac's early years out and about as a family.  Mac Ride lets us take the family adventure off-road, which is where we want to be.
       Lunch break at Mabie of Mawthorn, 7 Stanes, Scotland

    Lunch break at Mabie of Mawthorn, 7 Stanes, Scotland

       Glencoe, Scotland, we love you!
       Here's Ashley on top of one of our favourite hills in the world, Dumyat, Scotland   

    There are a vast number of commuter seats for children on the market and many of them are excellent for getting around the streets. But I wanted to create a seat that was also suitable for the trails. The solution was to build a saddle that enables a child to benefit from the suspension already built into modern mountain bikes. I threw away the notion of a clunky moulded seat with shoulder straps, which helps conduct the bumps of a trail through to the child on board. I allowed the child to sit as the rider sits, upright and independent, sharing the handlebars, so the rider and child can truly adventure as a team.



    I grew up "mucking about" in the Scottish highlands.  My childhood forest and beach experiences set me up for a happy and exciting journey of outdoor adventure (thanks Mum and Dad!).

       Here I am, a wee lad in 1979, exploring the beaches of my home town, Port Appin, Scotland

    Here I am, a wee lad in 1979, exploring the beaches of my home town, Port Appin, Scotland

       On a ride with my old gang, McBoab, in Mine Woods, Bridge of Allan, Scotland
       Showing off with a few tricks at Megavalance in France

    It was my wish for our children to benefit from these same outdoor adventures as well as my passion for engineering and mountain biking that led to Mac Ride. 

    Riding is not the safest activity on planet earth. But when set against the chaos of traffic and the bubblewrap boredom of an overprotected childhood, I think Mac Ride strikes a balance. I worry about the wimpification of today's children. I think kids should be exposed to the power of their bodies and the risks of the outdoors. Then they can learn about good choices, while building confidence and resilience.

    You can take your children pretty much anywhere on Mac Ride. Watch them fall in love with fresh air. Let them stand on the Mac Ride stirrups and lean in to their turns with you. Check out their grins when they come home covered in mud, a little bit stronger, a little bit wiser.

    Savvy's on her own bike now, leading the charge. Even though Mac is now well on his way to being a great solo rider, he's still our number one customer.  His smiles, and those from the happy Mac Ride Community, tell the Mac Ride story better than I can.