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    Absolutely brilliant!

    For everyone who is a parent and a confident Mountainbike Pilot this bike seat is absolutely the best choice one could make. My 2,5 year old son incredibly enjoys riding with me. „Faster Daddy! I want more bumby rides!“
    I am using the seat on both, a real bike and an e-pendant. The e-bike I am using is an 2019 Specialized Turbo Levo and for everyone who is wondering: On my (XL) frame the e-bike adapter is a mandatory accessory. Without the adapter the seat would simply not fit into my bike!

    This seat really is the best investment for my son, my bike and myself ever. Don’t hesitate to buy one. It is simply stunning how naturally your kid moves with you and the terrain. I rode some 5 step stairs on the 2nd day of our career! No problem, just fun!

    J aurais tellement kiffé ça petit

    Avec le mac je m offre de très bon moment avec mon fils.
    Mais je lui offre aussi du pure plaisir.. chaque virage raide, descente ou petit jump sont pour lui une excuse à rigoler et de grand "whouhou!"
    Une réalisation très efficace en tt cas
    A tt les papa ou maman, foncer!

    Daddy Time just got better

    Adding the Mac Ride to my bike instantly made daddy time more fun for all. We're having a blast!

    My son loves it

    Best bike related purchased I’ve made.

    My 2 year old bugs me every day now to for a bike ride.
    Fantastic product and so thankful that it lets me bring my son to share in my rides.

    Simply the Best (And I've Tried 'Em All!)

    I think I own every child bike-seat known to man, and they all pale in comparison to the Mac Ride. Whether it's on my Yeti SB130 race rig or my Salsa Mukluk fat bike, my three year old son and I have the BEST time in the woods together! The ease of use, ride characteristics, and most importantly being able to carry on a full conversation with my son are just so awesome. The only issue I have is holding myself back while he's on the bike - I find myself starting off at 30%, but quickly ramping up to 70%. One time he saw a small roller and yelled, "Daddy, jump!" My lizard brain saw the same roller and thought, "Dude, SEND IT!," before that nagging voice (my wife's) echoed through my head, "Bring our child back in one piece, please." I stood down, but man, the Mac-Ride makes it so easy to think like that! I'm a forever fan.

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