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    Great tool

    Beside being the best way to have a ride with a child, it's also great tool to start teaching him something about mountain biking. While riding you can talk to the kid and show him for example when and how to change gear, brake, hold the handlebar, etc. This allows for a more active ride, less boring and much more usefull for the years to come.

    Far superior to other kits

    I initially purchased another product because it had a handlebar option. That installation turned out to be cumbersome and I did not like the frame contact. On the flip side, the MacRide setup in minutes, my almost 3 y/o loves it and we can finally go on family bike rides without a melt down. Also, I kept the handlebar from the other brand so he has a dedicated place to keep his hands.

    Best investment ever

    Initially i was hesitating on the purchase but decided to go ahead with the buy. It was the best decision ever. My daughter enjoys the ride with her mom so much. My advise to all, don't think just buy!!

    Great fun for both of us

    The kid loves it and I love that we can spend more time together doing what we both like. Instalation process and settings are very simple. Works perfectly so far.

    Awesome seat! So great to be able to have fun together!!

    We are so thankful for this seat! We are a couple with no help at all to raise our child, and doing what we love (all together) is very important.
    We bought it when our son was 3yrs old and the last 5m we have it is just a blast. We go MTB together both on softer and steeper trails, and it is so great!! My son loves it, and whenever his arms get tired he just gets off & runs next to me for a couple of meters :)

    For city rides it is also the best choice, the child has a full view of everything, not just like on a usual back seat that is only seeing by turning the head to the sides.

    Just go for it!!

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