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    That was the best investment of its time. It's not cheap, but our little one has so much fun with it. The processing is also top.

    Das war die beste Investition sein langem. Es ist zwar nicht günstig, aber unsere kleine hat unendlich viel Spaß damit. Die Verarbeitung ist ebenfalls top.

    Amazing way to run some local errands

    We've only been using it in the city so far but are thoroughly enjoying being able to bring our 2.5 yr along with us on the bike and teach him some road safety at this stage. It's easy to attach, feels very sturdy and doesn't fundamentally change the handling. The position up front makes it very interactive and easy to chat with him throughout and hear all the comments he makes. All that stimulation is a lot for him and he is usually exhausted after an hour or so - he even walked himself over to his bed for nap recently when we got back home which was a first :)

    Should have gotten it earlier!!

    Just got a MacRide about a month ago and my only regret is not getting it before! Usually ride it with my 2 yr old as my older daughter is not really interested in bikes. Coming back from our weekly rides, my daughter is soooo pumped that the older one is now asking about going out on rides too. Seat is super secure and safe, even when she slipped a hand off the handlebar in some techy stuff, the seat shape/material just kept her glued on. Amazing product!!

    Made for modern trail bikes

    I love that the Mac Ride is designed to fit modern trail bikes with dropper posts, and that it comes on and off quickly. I don't have to change the setup of my bike to throw it on and it only takes a minute. My little guy loves it, and I've felt stable and in control with him on (riding appropriate trails, of course). The position of the seat keeps the bike from getting too top heavy as with traditional child seats. Well worth the $200!!

    Absolutely love it!

    We only wish we would have gotten it sooner.
    Easy to install. Easy to remove, when you want to ride without it. Doesn't change the performance of the bike when the seat has been removed.
    From a safety standpoint, I think it's about as good as it gets.

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