Bike Compatibility

Step by step: Will Mac Ride fit your bike?


Check steerer tube for diameter size

  • Each Mac Ride comes with 2 front
    mounts that fit a standard steerer
    tube - diameter 1 1/8"
  • Adapters are available for certain
    other sizes (see below).

  Bike Compatibility


  Bike Compatibility

Check steerer tube for 10mm in spacers

  • 10mm out for 10mm in!
  • Look for 10mm in existing spacer height to swap out for your 10mm tall Mac Ride front mount
  • Spacers above the stem? Move them below the stem to make up the necessary space


Check stem for front clamp clearance

  • Make sure there is space for your Mac Ride front clamp to go around your steerer tube
  • Only short stems (50mm or less) will require more space
  • 10mm for the Mac Ride front mount.
  • 5mm to allow for clearance

  Bike Compatibility


  Bike Compatibility

Check toptube & downtube for width

  • Mac Ride stirrups will fit on either side of tubes that are 68mm or less in width
  • If your tubes are wider than 68mm. then you need an e-bike adapter
  • There are two sizes, Wide (102mm)
    and Extra Wide (pictured-122mm)


Check seat post for 20mm height

  • Mac Ride fits on standard seat
    posts and dropper posts
  • Look for 20mm in height on your
    post to allow room for the Mac
    Ride rear clamp

  Bike Compatibility

Email with questions!