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    Compatibility Gallery

    Follow these steps to see whether your bike is already being used in the Mac Ride community. And, check out our Compatibility Page for all of the specifics to look for when fitting a Mac Ride on your bike. 

    Step 1. Select your brand of bike in our Gallery to get a sense of Mac Ride fit.

    Step 2. Check your bike for 10mm of spacer under your stem (15mm if you have a short stem). If you have the required spacers, carry on through the steps. You will be able to swap them out for the 10mm Mac Ride front mount spacer.

    Step 3. Read through these general comments around sizing etc (below).

    Step 4. Don't see your bike? Have a read through our detailed compatibility page or send us an email info@mac-ride.com. 

    Step 5. Share what works! Send us a picture of your bike so that we can help future Mac Riders.


    Rocky Mountain Bicycles 

    We LOVE our Rocky Mountain Bikes. They are such a treat for shredding, and fitting Mac Ride is an absolute breeze!

    Diamond Back



    Santa Cruz



    Bike brands that have a handful of models that are not Mac Ride compatible:


    Most Cannondale bikes work a treat with Mac Ride. Cannondales with a 1.5" steerer tube, however, primarily on the Leftys, are not compatible. The steerer tube is so large, that the Mac Ride front clamp would not fit around it, even with a special spacer. 



    If you are not sure, send us a picture and we'll try to help! info@mac-ride.com.


    We often get asked...is my child the right age? Are they too small? Too big? How do I know they are ready? This is a tough one as there are a few variables at play.

    Using Mac Ride should be comfortable for you and your child. You should be able to see over their helmet, have a relatively natural pedal stroke and be able to safely turn the handle bars. Taller parents with smaller children have the most time with Mac Ride. Shorter parents with taller children will possibly be more limited.

    Bikes with dropper seat posts (seats that can move up and down with a push of your thumb on the button) are great for Mac Ride. They allow you to stop quickly, dropping your seat so you can easily put your foot down without having to move forward and straddle over the Mac Ride.

    Also helpful are raised bars. The higher your handlebars, the more up right you are, and that tends to leave more space for your wee one.

    Mac Ride is great on small, large, and extra large frames. We have yet to find an XL frame with a top tube that is too long for Mac Ride's telescopic bar. So far, Mac Ride has been able to lengthen to reach the steerer tube and seat post of all XL frames.

    Sometimes it is more difficult to get a comfortable fit with an xs frame. Mac Ride fits this frame well, but the smaller space can make it harder for a shorter adult to feel comfortable with a little one up front.

    We recommend Mac Ride for children ages 2-5, but of course this is family dependent. There are many 18-20 month olds strong enough and ready for Mac Ride - they love having their helmet on, they are strong climbers, good listeners and really keen to ride with mom and dad.  

    Additional Information

    For more specific information about Dropper Posts, Normal Seat Posts, E-bikes, Carbon fiber bikes and Mac Ride dimensions visit our detailed compatibility page.