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Ride More Benefits

  • Share the experience- Your child experiences the journey as you do-- the same beautiful view and the same invigorating wind on your cheeks. 
  • Bonding time- You and your child chat and laugh together as you ride.    
  • Teamwork and safety- Your child is nestled safely up front in your arms as you ride. The closeness sends a message of comfort to your little one, and defines you together as a riding team.
  • Ease of handling-- Your child's weight is with you in the centre of the bike. This helps with balance and stability. With Ride More seats, there is no forced strain on your bike or the seat. The innovative Ride More mounts ensure your combined weight loads the forks and your seat post, exactly the load for which your bike was designed. Also, Ride More seats' lean design allows you to pedal naturally, instead of knees splayed to work around a bulky mould.   

Riding Off Road With Ride More

Sky Ride (coming soon!) involves a bucket seat with harness for infants 1-2.

When your child is ready for the next stage of family riding, they can progress to Mac Ride. Mac Ride's unique design includes an unobtrusive saddle and strong stirrups. Mac Ride does not use a cumbersome mould, shoulder straps or harnesses because a child strapped to a moulded seat absorbs the shakes and rattles of a moving bike. 

Only with Mac Ride can your child stand up on the stirrups, sharing the handlebars with you to help guide toward the right path or the line off an upcoming curb.  Your child learns to absorb the bumps in the path by bending legs and arms, just as you do.

Product Details

The main Ride More tubes are from stock aluminum for strength and lightness. They have a telescoping action which it allows the seat to easily shrink or stretch to different sizes of bike.

The stirrups are made of stock steel for strength and bendability during manufacture. The stirrups and legs adjust in length to fit different child sizes, to grow with your child, and to make sure your child's feet are out of the way of any moving parts. You can adjust the angle of the stirrups using one allen key bolt and the length by easy spring button. The stirrup feet have rubber straps to secure your child's feet. These are strong enough to hold them in place over bumpy terrain but elastic enough to release in the rare event of an accident.

The Sky Ride saddle includes a bucket seat with harness. 

The Mac Ride saddle itself has a similar design to a horse’s saddle. This is comfortable, and self leveling, since the seat may go on many different bikes at many different angles.  Your child will always rest in the lowest part of the scoop which also means they do not need to use arm strength to keep themselves in place whilst climbing or descending as adults do.

The Ride More rear clamp attaches to the seat post and has a 3 point mount which can enlarge or shrink depending on the size of the seat tube. A quick release ensures a quick and easy install or removal.

The Ride More front mount requires a modified headset spacer pre-installed on your adult bike.

This headset spacer is a permanent installation for as long as you would like to have the freedom of using the Ride More system. Several spacers can be installed on many different bikes to allow for multiple different riders for each seat. The headset spacer fits the standard 1 ⅛” steerer tube, however adapters can be purchased to fit several other styles of steerer tubes. The front clamp can fit around this headset spacer and is secured by a captive allen bolt. Once the allen key bolt is fully tightened, the clamp has enough tolerance to allow the spacer to turn inside the clamp, thus allowing you to steer with little or no resistance.

For Ride More's detailed measurements and dimensions, click here.

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