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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 7 reviews
      John Smith
      Great quality gloves

      Gloves are nicer than any other glove I ordered on Amazon. They feel like the right size. The fingers seem a bit long for my kid but he won’t wear them anyway… He has a hard time putting them on because he doesn’t understand you have to pull them on with some force since they are snug.
      I did buy a size up so maybe we’ll try again later. So far he prefers falling with no gloves.
      Overall these are very nice gloves and do not referee buying them. I wish I could figure out how to convince my 2.5 year old to use them.

      Tony VanDyke

      We’ve been waiting forever for a decent set of kids biking gloves that aren’t ridiculously expensive and still high-quality. Mac ride has gone above and beyond with these kids gloves. We got a small pair for my daughter who is 2 1/2 and she loves them. I used my index finger to stretch them a little so they were easier to go on but after that they’ve been a breeze. As she grows out of them Mac ride of the gloves I’ll be buying in the future.


      Bought 2 pairs-one for each grandson. They use them all the time to ride. I was concerned about fit, however they are true to size. They love them! Thanks-they are PERFECT!

      Thankful for MacRide!

      Our 3 year old is smaller in stature than most and it was impossible to find a pair of gloves small enough! Thankfully I stumbled across MacRide and we are thankful that they saw the need out there for gear for younger kids/toddlers! These gloves are very well made, and have a very grippy palm section and fingertips. These are certainly helping our son learn to ride because his hands don't get scraped everytime he falls now. Thanks MacRide!


      These gloves were purchased for our four and a half-year-old and 18 month-year-old. The four and half-year-old can throw them on no problem and has given her confidence to ride her bike more and not worry about her hands getting scraped when she falls. The little guy is a bit of a struggle to get on but helps keep grip and hands warm. Would highly recommend them.