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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 11 reviews
      Jessica Kelley
      Worth the Try

      Toddler's are tough and though my lil one wasn't excited about anything on his hands at the start, the cold handle bar changed his mind and I was surprised that I got these on his hands with what I would consider an acceptable amount of effort for getting gloves on a 2yo's hands. And as others have shared... I am building a good habit with him to wear gloves. PS I looked elsewhere and didn't find anything at this size!

      Luke F
      Love em!

      The gloves are great!! Made well, sized nicely, VERY grippy, etc. They're better than my adult MTB gloves lol

      Kayla Daugherty

      These gloves are so nice! They are the same quality of an adult pair. Our little girl is 21 months and these gloves fit her perfect. The fingers are a little long but it doesn’t bother her.

      Just buy all three sizes!

      These gloves are great. Shipping is expensive so I recommend ordering all three sizes!

      John Smith
      Great quality gloves

      Gloves are nicer than any other glove I ordered on Amazon. They feel like the right size. The fingers seem a bit long for my kid but he won’t wear them anyway… He has a hard time putting them on because he doesn’t understand you have to pull them on with some force since they are snug.
      I did buy a size up so maybe we’ll try again later. So far he prefers falling with no gloves.
      Overall these are very nice gloves and do not referee buying them. I wish I could figure out how to convince my 2.5 year old to use them.