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      Our customers have left reviews for Mac Ride on our website. They are found at the bottom of the page here.


      Check out the below for reviews from Rascal Rides, Two Wheeling Tots and the legendary Bike Dads!


      We are delighted to be Rascal Rides' top pick! 


      Two Wheeling Tots give us a lovely two thumbs up! 


      "One of our favorite pieces of gear ever, this seat has it all"   Thanks Bike Dads! WOOT WOOT! :)

      Based on 853 reviews
      Great for townie ebike

      Added the seat to my wife's ebike. Now she gets rides to and from school. Great product!!!

      So fun to ride with the kids

      Very well built and safe. Easy to take on and off. My kids never want to get off. I feel a lot better that the seat doesn’t touch my carbon mtb frame like the Shotgun seat does. Especially because my son is quite heavy for a 2 year old.

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      JoseDaniel Gutierrez
      Love it!!!

      I love it and my little one absolutely loves her mac ride!!! She does not want to get off, totally worth it!!!

      Best purchase for my mountain bike!

      The Mac-Ride is the best/coolest addition to my mountain bike! My daughter loves it and I love all the time
      I get to spend with her riding!


      Our 2 year old loves it! Tried the rear seat for a while, and this is so much better. Kiddo can see everything and the bike feels much more stable this way. So good!

      A Necessity for 1.25" Steerer Tubes

      This "accessory" is not limited to only Giant bikes as there are several other manufacturers of 1.25" steerer tubes. Works perfectly on my Canyon Grail AL 7 gravel bike. Would be nice if the MacRide seat had the option to choose the size needed instead of having to pay more for the 1.25" adapter, but it is what it is. Hope this helps someone out there!

      4 thumbs up!

      I bought this to use with my 17 month old, which I know is on the younger side, but she has shown a big interest in our bikes. She was so excited to use it and we are building miles around the neighborhood to get her used to it. She is TINY (18 pounds) and fits great on it. The first ride out she knew to hold on and has been stoked and easy to ride with. This is going to serve us well for many years and I can't wait to hit the trails with her.

      More fun than I thought it'd be

      I was really skeptical of this, mainly because of the price. There are other comparable seats out there for alot less, but after taking my 2 year and 5 year old around the block, and on a couple trails, I don't regret the choice to stick with Mac Ride at all. There were only 2 things I was looking for: a safe and inclusive ride for my kids, and no frame contact. This thing feels MUCH safer than it looks. I still get concerned looks from passerby's on local gravel trails, but the ride is so secure. Even for my 2 y/o. She absolutely screams with happiness any time she's on this thing and it's priceless. I get to involve them in the sport I love so much alot earlier. They're excited to get their own rides and shred now.

      With all that said, my only complaint is compatibility. I own a Trek with one of those dumbass knock blocks, and the macride won't work out of the box with it. Luckily there's a bike in our family without the Macride, so we're still able to use it, but the spacer for the knockblock is like $65. I'm forced to order it of course but had no idea walking into it I'd have to do that. Comon. That spacer pricing is a bit excessive. I mostly blame Trek.


      I got for my 3 year old. Put it on a older diamond back beach cruiser and a tandem. Easy to install and use. I’ve tried a rear seat and a rear trailer and daughter would fall asleep and hard to hear her. With her in front it is great I hear her and see where she is pointing. Bike is more stable with mac-ride then a rear seat. I ride bike with” male” top tube and is normal getting on and off, with kid on rear seat it’s difficult getting on. I tried a big plastic style front seat from different brand, and couldn’t get it to work on any of my verity of bikes. my daughter loves the Mac-ride she always wants to use it. I strongly suggest Mac -ride my 3year old and I love it. be sure to get quil stem adapter of right size for ur bike(s) if u need one . I put on a bike I rented too. It’s compact and easy to travel with. To install is Allen keys or Allen keys and a wrench for stem bolt ( depending on your bike) very easy. I get questions and pointing and smiles by kids and adults who are interested in it

      Exactly what I was looking for.

      What I needed when everywhere else was sold out.

      Mini Grips
      Adalsteinn Maack
      The Mini-Grips made the difference

      We ride in a cold environment, 59° is a warm day for us. We didn´t realize at first how cold the handlebar gets but our guy had cold hands on our first rides (in middle of summer) - After purchasing Mini-grips he feels like he´s controlling the bike, which can be a problem when he want´s to go the other direction :) But - the best thing is - his hands are always warm now :) :) :)

      A must have, in my opinion

      Works Great

      We added this seat for our four-year-old so we could put the 8month old in the child seat on the back rack. Great solution.

      Even Better Than Expected!

      I had high expectations for this seat, and it has exceeded them in all ways- the build quality is solid, it installed easily and comes with two spacers so I could immediately set it up on two of my bikes, and best of all, both my 3 year old daughter and I are having a blast together on it! It feels great to get to share my passion for mountain biking with my daughter- from the first ride she immediately loved it, and kept saying "hit more bumps, daddy" and wanting to take more loops. I was surprised how stable it felt with her on it, and how comfortable I still felt rolling around berms and cruising on smooth single track. You have to ride with your knees out to the side a bit, as is expected, but it doesn't hold us back from getting some solid mountain biking in, and you feel very connected to your kid, which is a great feeling.

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Kristin Coronado
      great seat!

      So far, we love this seat! It's comfortable and safe feeling. The only thing I would change is the foot stirrups, they are hard to get the kid's foot in when it's tight enough and then they still slip out easily, like I have to keep shoving his shoe back in there. I also had to buy little handle bars extra from Amazon bc of the shape of our Ebikes curved bars, I wish that was an option to purchase from MAC. Otherwise, we're very happy with the seat!

      Amazing little seat to get your kid out cruising with you!

      Well built, easy to install with basic bike wrenching skills, very stable and customizable fit.


      Très content de cet achat.
      Le siège est facile à installer, mon garçon à commencé à l'utiliser dès ses 15 mois et on l'adore.

      Great product

      As expected, this is a great product. Legit mountain biking with my 3 year old! This thing is the mutt's nuts. I love that it doesn't touch the frame tubes, I would never even consider the ones which clamp the frame itself. Solid construction, clearly designed by people who know what they are doing. I've paired it with a cheap set of clamp-on mini handlebars (Amazon) for my daughter to hold onto, which I think she likes. I also really appreciate the fact that two headset spacers are included. Any other company might have cheaped out and only included the one and forced the buyer to pony up for a second one. Very classy to include this, as I will be regularly using this on my full suspension MTB, but sometimes my hardtail as well.

      Money well spent!

      My 2 year old son absolutely loves riding with us on the MacRide! Pure joy!

      Great product even better customer service.

      I love the seat and my 1.5 year old and 4.5 year old both ride with me. I have a carbon fiber mtb so I love that nothing touches the carbon. Perfect for our family camping rides! I emailed about a question of it fitting with my bike and they responded so fast (on a weekend) great customer service! Keep it up!

      Great experience on all fronts

      Bought a mac ride as my neighbor had one and loved it. Went to install it on a Specialized Turbo levo and came across a minor installation problem. I called the company who offered to bend over backwards to solve the issue. The customer service support was phenomenal and gave me a two suggestions to solve the issue, both of which worked. I am extremely grateful for their product as my son and daughter can now experience a front-row seat to an outdoor experience with family. I chose the mac ride for two reasons: 1: the location of the child in front is a superior experience for them rather sitting behind me (safety in location and communication) 2: a redundant and better riding experience as the seat is connected at two points at the front under the stem and at the back under the seat (allowing a smoother ride on a hardtail and in our case dual suspension). The entire product is also adjustable to fine tune for the height and location of the child on your bike and your ability to steer and pedal. Phenomenal invention and thanks for all the help.

      Kid wasn't interested in riding bikes, NOW HE IS

      Great way to get kids interested in riding along. That way, you get the exercise you desire while they are having fun. Building memories while getting a workout...that's what I'm talking about!

      Locking ring

      The locking ring works but for me I wish it was half the thickness. It's the same size of the factory spacers.


      Me and my son love the bike rides👍🏼

      Outstanding it is exactly as advertised

      I got it so my grandson could ride with me. He is two and now refers to my bike by saying ‘our bike’ we ride it to the park for the playground he loves it as much as I do I am so glad he enjoys our bike rides. I recommend this it’s as fun as advertised!!!!

      excellent experience with the happiest kid ever

      can really recommend this seat to everyone riding a bit more sportive. it is super easy and feels safe at all times. even trails are no problem at all. our kid is running and climbing onto the bike when knowing we are about to hit the road. much easier than any other child seat we had so far. the kid is super fast safely positioned on the bike. with the kid in front it gets toma completely new level as they are part of the ride and you will have amazing conversations about whats to see around. excellent product for a high price tough. would by it again and again 😀