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      Our customers have left reviews for Mac Ride on our website. They are found at the bottom of the page here.


      Check out the below for reviews from Rascal Rides, Two Wheeling Tots and the legendary Bike Dads!


      We are delighted to be Rascal Rides' top pick! 


      Two Wheeling Tots give us a lovely two thumbs up! 


      "One of our favorite pieces of gear ever, this seat has it all"   Thanks Bike Dads! WOOT WOOT! :)

      Based on 920 reviews
      Great kid seat

      After searching the internet for a comfortable, easy-to-use, fun, and safe seat for our 3YO sized 2YO, I settled on the Mac Ride. Not disappointed, it exceeds all of my expectations. Have it mounted on my Surly Straggler gravel bike and there is plenty of room for comfortable pedaling. Weight distributution is awesome compared to the rack mounted kid seat we were using. It's easy to adjust so the feet don't interfere with front wheel durign turning and it comes off/goes on in seconds. Excellent Product.

      Happy Mountain Toddler

      We live in Steamboat Springs and have a 2 and 8 year old. Thanks to the Mac Ride we can safely bike as a family! The Mac Ride is stable, the foot straps are secure, and the seat design provides comfort for the bumpy ride. Thank you for an amazing toddler and mountain friendly product.

      We love it!

      This seat is exactly what I've been looking for! My 3yo loves to go for rides on mommy's big bike. I wish I'd bought it sooner !

      Great quality gloves

      Gloves are nicer than any other glove I ordered on Amazon. They feel like the right size. The fingers seem a bit long for my kid but he won’t wear them anyway… He has a hard time putting them on because he doesn’t understand you have to pull them on with some force since they are snug.
      I did buy a size up so maybe we’ll try again later. So far he prefers falling with no gloves.
      Overall these are very nice gloves and do not referee buying them. I wish I could figure out how to convince my 2.5 year old to use them.

      Nothing compares

      This thing is fantastic. the kid loves it. i love it. mom loves it. other kids love it. people we pass love it. nothing compares.


      This little seat is changing my son's and my life :)

      I wish it was thicker or came with a additional spacer

      I bought the adapter so I could change my stem. The adapter is thinner then the spacers on the the bike so when I remove one to put the adapter in I had to put in a generic ring that didn't match.

      Good Expansion

      Got the x-wide so we could move our Mac Ride between my Evil and my Wife’s Electra Vale. The original fit on my bike just fine, the x-wide fits the big ebike downtube. Happy with the size. The fit and finish of the kit is solid.

      Son loves biking now

      This is an amazing product. My son used to hate sitting in the chariot. He is an active toddler and want to be with dad. The MacRide has allowed us to have much more enjoyable rides for longer and in more terrain.

      The MacRide is well built and installed in about 5 min. Even better I can take it off in 30 seconds.

      So glad I took the leap to purchase for my son!

      Ride along's rule

      Been riding for the past few weeks with my 2 year old daughter. We have been getting out 2 or 3 nights a week since I got it. We have put over 50 miles on it so far and my little one loves that she feels like she is more a part of the ride than she ever did in the bike trailer. I'm so happy we have this awesome seat so we can spend more time on the trails and making memories.

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Charles Burckmyer
      Wish I'd bought the MacRide seat 3 years ago!

      I was slow to buy the seat because I have an old fully suspended Trek (Fuel 80, circa 2003) and thought it wouldn't work/fit. Just purchased and attached the seat and it's like magic! I'm like parent of the year here in town, the smiles from us and those we pass are a hoot. And the time with my boy up front, holding the bars, seeing what I see...priceless

      We love it!

      So glad we decided to get the Mac Ride. We did a lot a research on different models before we purchased and we couldn't be happier. We are getting our 20 month old grandson used to it in the yard right now and looking forward to the adventures we will have this summer!! He already loves it! Quick and easy to put on and take off. Thank you so much for putting so much thought into this seat, it's genius!

      Great seat!

      My 3 year old and myself rode 4x a week, about 14 miles per ride. I had the cheap knockoff shotgun seat and it was time for an upgrade. This seat is absolutely incredible!! Super easy to lock in, all the adjustments we would need are there. Quality is top notch. Thanks Macride!

      Not and E bike but it was necessary.

      I have a new Santa Cruz Bronson which has a very wide downtube. It's not an ebike but it was necessary to allow for enough clearance when on rougher terrain.
      Super easy to install and only took about 3 minutes.

      Versatile and easy to use

      We love our new macride. It's easy to install and easily adjusts to fit both of our kids. Love the low seat height for our 3.5 year old. We tried another brand of child seat but the seat was too high so she was riding too high/obstructing our ability to see. Also love that we can take it off pretty quickly if needed. Kids LOVE riding up front.

      Very Happy Riders

      I purchased this and I am beyond thrilled. I had high expectations and they have been exceeded. The build quality is great and there is a clear emphasis on safety. I purchased an extra spacer and my wife and I have it set up on three bikes in total. Our son loves to go out on rides with us and asks for us to take him out on a bike ride all of the time now!

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Stephanie Wagner
      I love my Mac Ride!

      Thanks to my Mac Ride, my 3 year old daughter and I can have fun hitting the trails together! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to do something I love while being able to include my child!

      Love our new Mac ride!

      It's even better than I imagined. My two year old loves riding with me, he never wants to stop. It's easy to install and so easy to use. Thanks Mac Ride!

      Needs some golf grip tape and it's 💰

      These straps are a big upgrade from the original ones that come on the MacRide. Although the reviews below are not wrong, they are not very tight on and rotate around and around. I just threw on some golf grip tape and they are money. Way thicker straps and seems like they wont break like the OG's

      *note to engineering team* it would be awesome to tighten those tolerances!

      Shredding that brown pow!

      First day, our 20-month old took right to it. Seat is very easy to adjust, simple to install, and just all around awesome! The mac ride gives our little shredder a front row seat to the trail, and will make it easy to start coaching him through when to execute standing/weight-shift maneuvers. Couldn't have asked for a better parental lifeline too! Such an easy way to get out and have fun with the whole family.

      Make family mtb trips possible

      Before we purchased macride seats for both kids, we were not able to ride as much as we would like to. Now that we have installed the seats, we have ridden a lot more. It makes it possible where it was not possible before. The headache of scheduling a baby sitter weeks in advance was almost not worth it. Very much looking forward to this summer!!

      Lovely parenting survival tool.

      We all love it!

      Our 2 year old son loves to “zoom” on it, and mom and dad love how easy it is to take on and off. Child is totally safe and secure. So much better than a bike seat or trailer! Highly recommend

      3 weeks still waiting for réception

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Michelle Hopkin
      Great Gift

      I bought this for my son-in-law and grandson. They are loving it!