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      Our customers have left reviews for Mac Ride on our website. They are found at the bottom of the page here.


      Check out the below for reviews from Rascal Rides, Two Wheeling Tots and the legendary Bike Dads!


      We are delighted to be Rascal Rides' top pick! 


      Two Wheeling Tots give us a lovely two thumbs up! 


      "One of our favorite pieces of gear ever, this seat has it all"   Thanks Bike Dads! WOOT WOOT! :)

      Based on 823 reviews

      My daughter is 2 and flipped her sh*t when she got on for the first time. She loved it! We rode 5 miles right out the gate just because she didn't want to go home. She was laughing and squealing and kept saying "here we go, here we go, here we goooooo!" Hilarious.

      As for the product itself: fantastic construction, very easy to install, and an obvious attention to detail in the design. No part of the seat (or my kid) touched or rubbed or dragged on the bike itself except for the 2 mounting locations. It's almost like it "floats" above your bike.

      Initially my wife was skeptical of the "safeness" of it. After installing it and going for our first ride, I've gotta say it's about the safest option out there. Very stable. The added weight of your kid is right over the bike's center of gravity, therefore when they wiggle and squirm it barely affects your balance.

      Fantastic product, highly recommended!


      Bought 2 pairs-one for each grandson. They use them all the time to ride. I was concerned about fit, however they are true to size. They love them! Thanks-they are PERFECT!

      Thankful for MacRide!

      Our 3 year old is smaller in stature than most and it was impossible to find a pair of gloves small enough! Thankfully I stumbled across MacRide and we are thankful that they saw the need out there for gear for younger kids/toddlers! These gloves are very well made, and have a very grippy palm section and fingertips. These are certainly helping our son learn to ride because his hands don't get scraped everytime he falls now. Thanks MacRide!

      Just amazing!!

      It was easy to setup and was a bit skeptical about it is working great. I have a Santa Cruz Bullit and it fits perfectly. My son is 2 1/2 years old and he sits perfectly, does not slide out of the seat. The material is solid, great quality. Highly reommended.

      Worth the money

      Worth every penny. Don't cheap out on other brands. So easy to set up and switch to other bikes.

      Mac ride seat with e bike levo

      I'm happy with the seat . I was happy to find out the seat was not just a hard plastic. It's a little bit soft and grippy . Great for keeping my kid on it. Everything fit good it's a nice product. It's on my 2019 levo carbon frame. I put the small ebike spacers in it and it has probably a quarter inch of space between the legs and the bike. It does not rub on my bike . That's what I wanted. Thant for the good product

      Run the stem you want too

      I was very happy to find this option for the knock block headset. Im now running the stem I want too. Bontrager should have taken this opportunity to step up their stem game but with this I’m running a renthal stem without any issues, no play, no trouble thru switchbacks. Totally satisfied

      Worth all 25,000 pennies :)

      While not cheap, it’s worth every penny. My son and I have had an absolute blast mtn biking together. I did a ton of research and chose the Macride after comparing to many other options. So glad I did! The Macride is very easy and quick to install/uninstall and very high quality. I was initially a little concerned about my 2 year old falling off (before purchasing) but after the first ride I was impressed with how safe it feels. My son absolutely loves it and gets so excited every time I mention riding the bike. I would definitely recommend this product and look forward to all the fun to be had mtn biking with my son. Thanks Macride! Great product!

      Amazingly thoughtful product

      Getting to share the joy of the outdoors with one's kid is such a wonderful experience, and the MacRide team really deserves every bit of kudos for making this a possibility. Thoughtful design, strong durable materials and an easy-to-use design all make for truly delightful product. I spent a lot of time exploring various other products on the market, nothing could beat the simplicity and elegance of the MacRide. Super happy to have found this gem of a product!

      We love it!

      My kids love cruising around up front on my new Specialized Turbo Levo. This is the best emtb shotgun seat I’ve found and I love that I can remove it super fast for some me time. The adapter was easy to install and everything was ready to go in 30 min.

      Blue - Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Great product!

      My two-year-old daughter loved it from the beginning. Big smiles all the way! I was impressed by the quality and engineering. It’s a simple design but well thought out. Easy to install with no fuss, per the instructions. Had it on our first 5 mile ride and we all had so much fun. Looking forward to more good times together on the bike.

      Let’s go biking

      Lets go biking! Is what I hear from my 3 year old everyday. She loves to get on her seat and enjoys the view of the trail. Talk about a new appreciation for trails. The setup is very easy, no special tools needed. I feel my daughter is safe and secured.

      Best seat ever!

      My daughter is a year and a half old and she would walk around my bike very curious about it and always asked for a ride! I knew I had to find something for her sit on! Since getting the Mac Ride she has been non stop wanting to ride with me! Love the bonding time I get to spend with her!! This little seat is awesome!!!

      Blue - Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Again! Again!

      We put our 22 month old on it for the first time last weekend. He took to it like fish to water. "Again!" "No home!" "Ride daddy/mommy bike!" He is comfortable and confident on it -- takes his hands off the bars (sometimes both! makes me uncomfortable), stands up in the stirrups, bounces up and down. It's a hootin' hollerin' good time for kid and parent. Thank you for a wonderful product.

      Best bike part I have ever purchased

      My Son has about 5 different ways to enjoy bicycles with the family. We've been avid cyclists for a long time, mainly MTB as of late, and this thing, this thing right here has allowed my Son and I more muddy, silly, joyous moments than I could have imagined. I've built a lot of bikes, bought a lot of parts, none of it is worth more than this seat. If the first ride he and I went on was the only one we could have used it for, it would have been worth it, but it's not, and we go every week (even now in the winter) and wave to every dog, duck, person, and fellow mountain biker on the way. He doesn't talk much yet, but he knows what it means when I ask him if he wants to go for a bike ride, and he has a brief moment of panic as I'm sitting on my bike right before I pick him up and get him settled, as if I'm going to leave without him. He understands, he has fun, and I have fun. That's what makes it worth it.

      From a technical standpoint, I have this on my Transition Sentinel and I cannot speak more highly about the design and ease of use. Believe the hype. On and off in less than a minute once it's set up, and my Sentinel is a regular Sentinel when it's not there. It's solid, easy to pack, easy to clean, and well thought out, it ticks all of the boxes. I do have a bit of a tight tolerance on one of the stirrup support sleeves, but I really don't care, it works fine, and the thing is that good.

      If you are someone who wants to share more time with your kiddo, still want to ride on the trails, and they aren't afraid of a little dust/rain/mud, get this and go have fun. Worth every penny.

      The team at Mac Ride thanked me for the order, now it's my turn. Thanks to the Mac Ride team for dreaming this thing up and making it a reality. I cannot express how great it is to have the ability to spend time doing what I love, with my kid, without a compromise.

      Best little bike seat

      Seriously as easy to install as they say. Highly quality. My 3.5 year old daughter loves this seat and we go mountain biking everywhere now. Couldn't be happier and I would recommend this product if asked.


      Take them with you

      My 2 yo loves getting on my bike with me now that she can have a front row view. Love how easy it is to mount/dismount as well. I would recommend to anyone that is trying to get their kids out in the trails.

      New purchase

      Awesome product easy to install , my son loves it , waiting on the break in the weather to really get a ride in 😊

      Love it!

      I wish I could share photos and videos on here. I purchased the seat for my Specialized Turbo Levo and my son is 1.5 years old. He loves it! He cries when we pull back into the driveway. I take him off-road and on road. One of my favorite purchases for him so far. Thank you Mac Ride!!

      Wow. Just wow!

      Worth every penny. I have had it less than a month and my son wants to go for a ride every time he sees my bike. I had a trailer before and my son hated it, now it’s nothing but laughs with the Mac Ride.


      Best ride-a-long seat EVER! My 2 year old and I bike around daily on the MacRide. He has a blast, and it allows me to get some riding in at the same time. The other seats I've used were not nearly as stable and made contact with my carbon frames. They tended to rock back and forth and eventually felt loose. I have purchased two MacRides now for my growing family. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

      awesome fun!

      Me and my little lady love it! Soo much fun and really well made! Highly recommend


      Used the 1” quill adapter on my 1” thread less townie/tourer. Works awesome and the boy loooooooooves it.

      E-bike adapter was just what i needed.

      Love my MacRide!!! I ordered the extra-wide ebike adapter for my Orbea Wild just to make sure i have enough clearance for down tube which was 95.5mm wide. It gave me 15mm of clearance on both sides. I probably would've been fine with the normal wide version. Easy to install. Thanks MacRide!

      Free wheelin

      Bought this to ride with my daughter who is 22 months old. She’s an absolute shredder and every day asks “More Bike?!”—its music to my ears. We have ridden some hairy trails and the ergonomics of the bike are incredible and secure. Grips are great as well.
      Thanks Mac Ride team! It’s really opened up a new part of our relationship.
      - A Grateful Dad