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      Our customers have left reviews for Mac Ride on our website. They are found at the bottom of the page here.


      Check out the below for reviews from Rascal Rides, Two Wheeling Tots and the legendary Bike Dads!


      We are delighted to be Rascal Rides' top pick! 


      Two Wheeling Tots give us a lovely two thumbs up! 


      "One of our favorite pieces of gear ever, this seat has it all"   Thanks Bike Dads! WOOT WOOT! :)

      Based on 957 reviews
      In love ❤️

      Our 2 year old is obsessed with her new mac ride seat!! She loves riding and going "zoom zoom" fast. We have been able to take her and our two other young kids on longer and longer bike rides. Even our 5 year old loves to ride on it! Thank you!!!

      Love that I can use the macride on my ebike

      Well engineered so there is no additional play in the stirrups, I purchased the "wide" version which provided sufficient clearance on a Transition Relay.

      River rides with Cannondale Quick & Mac Ride

      Fits on the Cannondale Quick perfectly. East on/off for when the seat is not in use. Our family primarily rides along the river in Northern California. My 3 year old son cannot keep up on his own bike, but the Mac Ride has allowed our family to enjoy long distance, fast rides together. Wonderful product, great purchase.

      Kiddo loves riding to school

      Installed it on my Ride1Up Roadster V2 Gravel Edition, and my son is always asking to go for rides now. He is comfortable on it and there's plenty of room for me to pedal too. Great buy, 10/10.

      awesome in any aspects ....

      awesome in any aspects - using my MacRide for over a year and now on my ebike with teh extension. Love it.

      Fit for Cannondale Jekyll 2022 ?

      This come with all necessaries parts for use it with Cannondale Jekyll 2022 ?

      Buy one

      This is a really nice product. Our two year old son seems to be having a blast on neighborhood rides and mellow gravel roads (the giggles over bumps are priceless). Some thoughts that I would like to have heard when I was shopping.
      - In my opinion installing the spacer was relatively easy with some basic understanding of how the headset is assembled. I would think a cool bike shop/mechanic could do this for you on the spot for $10 or less. Don’t let the spacer installation deter you from buying this seat.
      - I was a little worried about my son sliding back towards me due to the bike geometry and the way the seat attaches to the bike. I ride a Trek Fuel EX XL frame and so far that doesn’t seem to be an issue with good adjustments to the Macride positioning and cinching down the foot straps.
      - Treks with a knock block feature require a special spacer in addition to the normal collar spacer to which the Macride attaches. I was able to get this same day from my local trek store.
      - The little guys body and the seat are just wide enough that I have to consciously keep my legs angled out away from the bike just a little and they kind of brush his sides and the saddle. Doesn’t really bother me, but worth noting.
      - I agree with others, once the spacer is installed on your bike, taking the Macride on/off can be done in around 2 minutes, and then it’s light and small to store/transport with no loose or separate pieces.
      - I didn’t get separate handle bars for my son and so far it seems fine.
      - The added weight of the kid is quickly noticeable on climbs!

      Those are the main points. Lastly being able to go on rides as a family for years to come is the best! And that extra weight makes for good training. I feel really good about buying the Macride. Do it…

      Back for seconds

      My son used these gloves from 2-3 and they’re so good I bought the next size up. I wish they sold a warmer version of these. They are good down to around 45F.

      We love you MacRide

      The macride is the best thing for our family. My 2 year old loves it and cannot get enough! I got another spacer so I could put it on my townie and we can macride to daycare.

      New Life From My MTB

      Overall we are really happy with the Mac Ride! Our 20 month old daughter loves to go for rides around the neighborhood, and she sits proudly and safely on her Mac Ride. We opted to add an additional set of handlebars (sold separately) to really give her a secure grip. I really appreciate how this device teaches important lessons in body control to our kid, as opposed to a traditional toddler bike seat, more like a chair design where they are strapped in. Super happy with our purchase and it's even gotten me riding more as a new dad. Thanks, Mac Ride!

      Exceeded expectations

      This seat is so easy to install and remove! It makes riding with my two-year-old a breeze. I was apprehensive she wouldn't be very stable but in this seat she's securely attached on and we both feel safe and comfortable.

      Creating contagious stoke one ride at a time!

      Mac Ride is sweeeet! Looked at the US-based competitor, but the seat on Mac Ride is much better-designed (grips squishy diapered bottoms well). My wife and I are both physicians, and she thought I was insane for ordering this for our 20-month old daughter ("she's not developmentally ready"). Well, milestone expectations be-damned! Installed this thing in about 15min one day over lunch the day it came in the mail, and later that day, set our daughter on it and made some small adjustments. Did two little laps around the office while walking with my dropper down and her in position, and she was ready to go.
      In the first two weeks, this daddy-daughter duo has rode about 30 dirt-road miles and 3.5 green trail miles together without a hiccup. My daughter's stoke is contagious!!! So glad we got this. Best daddy purchase to-date!

      Best money I've spent for my son or my bike

      Outside of general health care stuff, this is the best money I've spent for my nearly 3 year old. I have friends who have the bike trailers, but they end up being chauffeurs to a sleeping child. You might as well buy a rickshaw and transport tourists around for money at that rate. Toddler's are terrible tippers. My son is engaged the entire time he's on the seat. He learns about what I look for when riding (traffic, bumps, wildlife, etc.) and chats the entire time. We are both all smiles when riding together. I started strapping his balance bike on the rear rack of my bike so we can ride a distance somewhere together, he can dismount, and then ride his balance bike around wherever we land. It works great for us both. The seat fits the bike well and is an easy installation. Don't wait to buy this or install it on your bike! Oh, and definitely make sure your kid has the correct clothing on for cooler riding days. Invest in some good gloves, coat, and some facial covering or you'll end up carrying a toddler and walking the bike a mile back. Don't ask me how I know...

      Or daughter loves it!

      Awesome product. Fits the bike perfectly; I get a good workout, and out daughter has so much fun!

      Children's Bike Gloves
      Jessica Kelley
      Worth the Try

      Toddler's are tough and though my lil one wasn't excited about anything on his hands at the start, the cold handle bar changed his mind and I was surprised that I got these on his hands with what I would consider an acceptable amount of effort for getting gloves on a 2yo's hands. And as others have shared... I am building a good habit with him to wear gloves. PS I looked elsewhere and didn't find anything at this size!

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Travis Mitchell
      So worth it

      Amazing product. Worth every penny. Kid loves it and fits on all of the bikes.

      Works great with Rad City 5 Step Thru

      Works well with Rad City 5 plus step thru without the e-bike adapter or other modifications. My 4 year old loves it and is much more engaged than when she is in a seat on the rear rack.

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Stephanie Puthoff
      We love it

      My three year and I are enjoying keeping up with dad and big sister on the trails

      Love em!

      The gloves are great!! Made well, sized nicely, VERY grippy, etc. They're better than my adult MTB gloves lol

      Children's Bike Gloves
      Kayla Daugherty

      These gloves are so nice! They are the same quality of an adult pair. Our little girl is 21 months and these gloves fit her perfect. The fingers are a little long but it doesn’t bother her.

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Anthony Kendryna
      My child loves it!

      The Mac Ride is amazing. We have tried the shotgun seat before but after switching to the Mac Ride this is by far the better option. The set up and take down off your bike is easy and fast. The seat is perfect for kids and you can trust that they wont be sliding off of it. The best part is the foot straps. They are easy to adjust and actually hold your kids feet in. I cant recommend this product enough.

      Mac Ride Child Bike Seat
      Martin Gaissert
      Smart Design is core!

      The very best product on the market. Btw. if someone argues why (in comparison to the other solutions) thr reason is the design of the saddle! This makes the biggest difference! The child is being hold in a secure feeling by its design! even in steep desends and climbs!

      Hell yeah!

      We love ripping on our new Max Ride!! So happy and looking forward to many rides. One for the 4 year old and one for the 20 month old! We are all having a blast.

      As great as expected!!

      very Happy. Thought 18 month was going to be too young but I was wrong. He was great on it and loved it!

      Great ride!

      Our 2 yr old daughter loves it! The seat only took a couple of minutes to install on the bike and we have very little bike mechanical experience. Riding with our daughter on the seat is very stable and she loves hanging onto the handlebars. She likes to point things out to us and we are able to talk to each other on our rides. Highly recommend buying a Mac Ride!