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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 463 reviews
      Better than a bike trailer

      Got the Mac Ride because of the GBN YouTube video about taking kids riding. Turns out it's also an easier way to get the little guy to daycare too.
      He wasn't too keen the first couple of rides but once he got used to being up so high he was fine.
      I have it fitted to a Mondraker e-Crafty. Thought the strange top tube might be a problem but it adjusted to fit no problem.

      Josh Stretch
      My favorite thing I have ever bought!

      The Mac Ride child seat is literally my favorite thing that I have ever bought! I've had this seat for over a year now. I tried several other child seats before finding this one, but none of them were fun to ride with. This thing is expensive, and there's nowhere to demo one, so it was a big leap of faith. I got it, installed it, and put my son on it, at which point he freaked out and said he didn't want to go on it because it's scary. My heart sank and I thought I just wasted $200, but I told him we'd just go 10 feet and if he still didn't like it, I wouldn't make him ride it. My wife stood 10 feet away and we rode toward her. After about 2 feet he started yelling, "Faster! Faster!" We haven't looked back. We ride a couple hundred miles a month together and it brings me so much joy to spend such fun, quality time together. You do have to ramp up use though, just like with your riding. I went from mostly 5-7 mile rides with him to a 25 mile ride and he was walking like a cowboy for 2 days. He was really suffering, we had to take him to the doctor, and I felt horrible. It's not a passive riding experience, and your kid has to work relatively hard to stay on. Also, his butt takes even more of a hit than yours does because he can't anticipate bumps like you can. I now say, "bumps" when the trail looks rough and he can gauge how his butt feels and if he wants to stand through the section. We had to practice this technique and he seems to know what he needs, as he sometimes sits and sometimes stands when I say "bumps". If you're on the fence about buying one of these, don't wait. I'm going to be so sad when he outgrows it. I wish I had bought it a year earlier!

      Tyler C
      Well Worth It

      The Mac Ride is a spendy item, especially for young parents, but the minute I put my boy on it and took him around the block I had no regrets. It was worth every penny. We use it every single day, and my son cries when he has to get off. He LOVES it. And I get to spend so much more time riding my bike. It's so adjustable, really comfortable for my son, and works well for me pedaling, riding, etc. And it comes on and off the bike so easily once you get the spacer installed. I would recommend this to anyone.

      Great product

      Fun and secure bike seat! Love the extra stickiness that the seat has to keep my daughter from sliding around. The foot pegs with loops have kept her feet in them for the most part and the mounting to my bike was straightforward and quick once the front ring is installed. Have not tried any actual mountain biking yet, but from the few street and grass rides, my daughter is enjoying it!

      Stephanie Beutler
      So much fun

      After 19 long months we can finally mountain bike out in the woods with our little guy and his Mac Ride! He loves it and so do we. I’m so glad we splurged for this seat. I doubt the bike trailer will get much use in the future.