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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 433 reviews
      Sam Piotrowski
      So fun to ride with the kids

      Very well built and safe. Easy to take on and off. My kids never want to get off. I feel a lot better that the seat doesn’t touch my carbon mtb frame like the Shotgun seat does. Especially because my son is quite heavy for a 2 year old.

      JoseDaniel Gutierrez
      Love it!!!

      I love it and my little one absolutely loves her mac ride!!! She does not want to get off, totally worth it!!!

      William Rider
      Best purchase for my mountain bike!

      The Mac-Ride is the best/coolest addition to my mountain bike! My daughter loves it and I love all the time
      I get to spend with her riding!


      Our 2 year old loves it! Tried the rear seat for a while, and this is so much better. Kiddo can see everything and the bike feels much more stable this way. So good!

      4 thumbs up!

      I bought this to use with my 17 month old, which I know is on the younger side, but she has shown a big interest in our bikes. She was so excited to use it and we are building miles around the neighborhood to get her used to it. She is TINY (18 pounds) and fits great on it. The first ride out she knew to hold on and has been stoked and easy to ride with. This is going to serve us well for many years and I can't wait to hit the trails with her.