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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 487 reviews
      Alexander Engen
      So much fun

      So easy to use and setup. Would love to see another product where an additional kid could be seated (probably in the back). Worth the money to get to spend more time with my children!

      Paul M.
      Cannot be beat.

      Easy installation. Even easier connection and disconnect. The features are thoughtful and effective, the quality is amazing, the child's seat is really comfortable, and the foot straps are super secure. It's great that you get an extra mounting bracket with purchase, so I can switch the seat from mt bike to town bike seamlessly. Definitely worth the price tag...I have never worried about the MacRide failing during a ride, which to me is worth every dollar of 200+ bucks. We recommend it to people whenever we possibly can. My wife and I love mt biking, and now we can easily take our 1 yo and 2 yo with us wherever we go. The only real problem with the product so far is that when the ride is over, it is almost impossible to pry my kid off the seat and he is inconsolable that we have to stop.

      Doug Riddle
      One of the best purchases I’ve ever made!

      To hear the giggles and screams my boys make when riding with me on the trails is something priceless. Definitely worth every penny!

      Jorge Ramos
      Great product- the best.

      This is our second Mac Ride.
      I ordered a second one to ride in two bikes with our grandkids.
      We take long rides and kids don’t want to stop.

      Lane Bracken
      Amazing Bike Seat for Kids

      I did significant research on the best seat to allow my little one to enjoy gravel and mountain biking with me. This is it! The smiles from myself, my son, and everyone we pass by brightens my day.

      This is an excellent product. Well designed, perfect for carbon frames and awesome features such as the quick disconnect mounting mechanism meet the use cases needed by folks who want to alternate between riding solo and with their kids.