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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 513 reviews
      Matthew Holliday
      Kids love it!

      I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and they both love going riding now. I love how easy it is to adjust the height of the foot pedals for each of them. I also like how easy it is to take off the bike when I want to go ride trails by myself. I also like that it doesn’t mount to the frame of our bikes so that moving their seat forward and back is linear. Overall I highly recommend as a way to get out and ride with your kids!

      Jon Moore
      Every. Single. Day.

      My Kiddo is now hooked on going for a bike ride everyday. The front facing seat is perfect for her to experience what it's like to ride a bike with the wind hitting her face... I hope riding our bike together will be some of her first memories she remembers as she grows up. MacRide is rad!

      Madison Boyle
      My kids love it

      We got the MacRide so it would fit on my Santa Cruz Hightower. It's a bit of a tight fit for the foot rests but nothing a little scratch tape can't fix. My little loves to go on rides with me and I know this will fuel her desire to start riding a push bike! She feels super safe and I feel confident using the MacRide!

      Ryan Ellis
      Incredible memories made

      This is an amazing product. It has been so much fun and provided some incredible memories. My son developed a love of biking very early on and it allowed us to ride as a family. The design is easy to take on and off and provides a secure seat I can feel confident about while being comfortable for my son.

      Rachael D
      So much fun!!

      I love that it comes with two spacers so we can quickly switch between bikes. Initial instal is very simply and fast. Took about 10 minutes since I had to learn how to take my handlebars off, but now that I know how, it would only take 5. Once the spacer is on it only takes 2 minutes to attach to bike. So many adjusting points will make it last for a long time. Our daughter is 22 months old and listens to direction well so we thought she was ready. We've been on 3 rides so far and she loves it. We can't wait to go on so many adventures! Glad I got this over a large bike seat.