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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 459 reviews
      Stephanie Beutler
      So much fun

      After 19 long months we can finally mountain bike out in the woods with our little guy and his Mac Ride! He loves it and so do we. I’m so glad we splurged for this seat. I doubt the bike trailer will get much use in the future.

      Luke Embley
      We live it.

      It's super well made, easy to install and the kiddo loves it. We've been anxiously waiting for him to be old enough to ride it, and the minute we installed it he was in love with riding with his parents.

      Nathan Chenette
      Great product

      As someone who loves finding new ways to get kids on bikes, I have never regretted trying out the best products out there. The Mac Ride is firmly in this category. It has a number of impressive features: 1. how the front of the seat clips into the proprietary bracket and allows the stem to freely rotate. 2. how quickly the seat can be swapped between bikes once the brackets have been installed. 3. the comfort and security of the seat material and geometry.

      I know that we won't have too long to be able to enjoy the Mac Ride (the 3-year-old will likely graduate to a trailer-bike in about 2 years) but we will enjoy it while it lasts! (And then pass on to another family that can use it!)

      Trevor McHenry
      Happy kid, happy life!

      Our 2 your old immediately took to the Macride. Nothing but smiles and laughing! He loves being at the front of the bike, gripping the bars, able to see everything and yell, “Hi,” to everyone passing by :) The foot straps keep his feet safely and comfortably locked in too, no complaints from him. It’s also really easy to move the seat from bike to bike. We love Macride!!

      Eric Tudor
      Parenting Game-Changer

      Since purchasing our Mac Ride 6 months ago, my two year old son and I have logged more than one thousand miles. In addition to hitting the local trails, it's our primary mode of commuting (he refuses to take the car) to daycare/work and recently I've been taking him on 90+ minute training rides on the local gravel roads (plenty of farm machinery and animals to keep us occupied). Before kids, I was afraid of the question, "can I still be a capable cyclist and a great dad?" With the Mac Ride, I can be both. Thanks for the memories your product is helping develop and the love of cycling/outdoors you're creating for my family.