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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 416 reviews

      Me and my son love the bike rides👍🏼

      Outstanding it is exactly as advertised

      I got it so my grandson could ride with me. He is two and now refers to my bike by saying ‘our bike’ we ride it to the park for the playground he loves it as much as I do I am so glad he enjoys our bike rides. I recommend this it’s as fun as advertised!!!!

      excellent experience with the happiest kid ever

      can really recommend this seat to everyone riding a bit more sportive. it is super easy and feels safe at all times. even trails are no problem at all. our kid is running and climbing onto the bike when knowing we are about to hit the road. much easier than any other child seat we had so far. the kid is super fast safely positioned on the bike. with the kid in front it gets toma completely new level as they are part of the ride and you will have amazing conversations about whats to see around. excellent product for a high price tough. would by it again and again 😀

      Beats any other option

      We've tried numerous solutions for bringing our non-riding little ones on rides with us. Rear seat with a rack, tow-bike, iBert. None of 'em offer the ease of use and versatility of the Mac Ride.

      If I had one complaint it would be that I can't use it on *my* bike, so it only gets used on my wife's hardtail MTB. When my new full-suspension bike was built up, I wasn't given the choice of stack height and the steerer tube was chopped off at stem height with no additional length left over, so I can't mount the mac-ride spacer on my bike. Wish there was an alternative mounting solution for this use-case.

      Fortunately we're close enough in height that I can comfortably ride her bike after adjusting the seat, so I can still take the kids riding on my own, but I'd rather be on my own bike.


      Love this so much!! We use it daily around the neighborhood and cannot wait to take it on trails! So happy with it that our friends purchased one as well. Our tot is 18 months and is perfectly safe riding with us on this! Could not be happier!!!