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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 444 reviews
      Andy Prado

      It’s opened up a whole new world for myself and my son. It’s such a cool way to bond and it’s super safe. Would highly recommend!

      so much fun !

      macride works extremely well. easy to install and easy on and off. its very stable and provides excellant support for my 3.5 year old. the saddle has a grippy, soft plastic feel that provides some flex and prevents my little one from sliding around on the saddle. we love it

      Daniel Racz
      My little one loves it!

      I originally got a Kids Ride Shotgun seat, which was awesome (good quality, fit well, etc)
      but the fact it touched the frame i just couldn’t really get over. So ended up returning it and getting the MacRide. Which the install was a breeze, I got it setup on 2 of my bikes and love the ease of being able to take it off and switch between bikes. I use it on my Specialized Epic and a Giant Revolt Gravel bike.

      Highly recommend it!!

      Chris Bryan
      A BLAST and honestly an upgrade from the competition.

      Came from the shotgun seat and its well made for sure but this is ABSOLUTELY a step above in quality, build, and overall quality. This seat fits and holds the little one better, cushions him well, and gives him a sense of security. The feet straps have more size options and a flat portion for stability. My favorite part of all is the method they use to mount it. Leaps ant bounds better than aggressively clamping my top and bottom tube (and subsequently messing up the clear paint protection my bike came with). Mac Ride fixes every gripe I had with the competition! My only wish is that they had a better handle bar setup.

      Nizam Abdullah
      what the FuN!

      atlast i can bring my kids join my adventure on the trail... but now lockdown again. damn...