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      Customer Reviews

      Based on 500 reviews
      Maksim Chechel
      Exceeded expectations

      This seat is so easy to install and remove! It makes riding with my two-year-old a breeze. I was apprehensive she wouldn't be very stable but in this seat she's securely attached on and we both feel safe and comfortable.

      Scott R
      Creating contagious stoke one ride at a time!

      Mac Ride is sweeeet! Looked at the US-based competitor, but the seat on Mac Ride is much better-designed (grips squishy diapered bottoms well). My wife and I are both physicians, and she thought I was insane for ordering this for our 20-month old daughter ("she's not developmentally ready"). Well, milestone expectations be-damned! Installed this thing in about 15min one day over lunch the day it came in the mail, and later that day, set our daughter on it and made some small adjustments. Did two little laps around the office while walking with my dropper down and her in position, and she was ready to go.
      In the first two weeks, this daddy-daughter duo has rode about 30 dirt-road miles and 3.5 green trail miles together without a hiccup. My daughter's stoke is contagious!!! So glad we got this. Best daddy purchase to-date!

      Ross M
      Best money I've spent for my son or my bike

      Outside of general health care stuff, this is the best money I've spent for my nearly 3 year old. I have friends who have the bike trailers, but they end up being chauffeurs to a sleeping child. You might as well buy a rickshaw and transport tourists around for money at that rate. Toddler's are terrible tippers. My son is engaged the entire time he's on the seat. He learns about what I look for when riding (traffic, bumps, wildlife, etc.) and chats the entire time. We are both all smiles when riding together. I started strapping his balance bike on the rear rack of my bike so we can ride a distance somewhere together, he can dismount, and then ride his balance bike around wherever we land. It works great for us both. The seat fits the bike well and is an easy installation. Don't wait to buy this or install it on your bike! Oh, and definitely make sure your kid has the correct clothing on for cooler riding days. Invest in some good gloves, coat, and some facial covering or you'll end up carrying a toddler and walking the bike a mile back. Don't ask me how I know...

      Or daughter loves it!

      Awesome product. Fits the bike perfectly; I get a good workout, and out daughter has so much fun!

      Travis Mitchell
      So worth it

      Amazing product. Worth every penny. Kid loves it and fits on all of the bikes.